Future Topics

The list of following topics this site will cover includes:

  1. The Vanguard Academy Situation
  2. The Washakie Renewable Energy Case
  3. The founding of the Davis County Cooperative Society (DCCS)
  4. The founding of the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ (LDCJC)
  5. Who I, Kent Bull, am and where I came from
  6. Who C. Elden Kingston “number one” is
  7. Who J. Ortell Kingston “number eight” is
  8. Who Paul E. Kingston “number nine” is
  9. The economic practices of the DCCS
  10. The religious practices of the LDCJC
  11. Stories of people who have left the DCCS and LDCJC
  12. Stories of people who still remain in the DCCS and LDCJC
  13. Power struggles and tensions over the history of the DCCS and LDCJC
  14. My personal philosophy
  15. Resources to support people on their way to personal freedom and empowerment.