1991 New Master Stewards Governing Board Meeting


Paul Kingston opens the meeting by talking about Master Stewards and the need for more Master Stewards after the recent debacle of the Cottonwood Property ordeal. Wendell Owen and Raymond Brown talked about their understanding or lack thereof of the Master Steward system.

Paul stressed that what he was bringing out about master stewards was guidelines. The $50,000 threshold on the statement was declared as the threshold for being qualified as a master steward.

A number of people are identified as master stewards including Carl Kingston, Daniel Kingston, Ellery Kingston, Alan Jenkins, Gerald Hansen, as well as some women in the order including Ilona Gustafson, Mary Gustafson, Coreen Gustafson, June Kingston, Marjorie, Myrna, Ethel Kingston, Anna Kingston, Leona Kingston, and Joyce Kingston.

Interest rates were mentioned though the notes are unclear on what the interest rates mean.


Master Stewards are individuals or businesses who make enough money (above $50,000 per year) that the DCCS does not want to pay them interest on their statement for the money they have in the bank so the DCCS can keep it’s expenses low and so it can take the interest earned and direct it how the central office desires. So, the DCCS takes this interest earned money made on the deposits of the master stewards and places it in a special fund called the Master Steward fund. This distinction of Master Steward is sold as a distinction of faithfulness and dedication though is more of a financial qualification.

This is my understanding of master stewards and is likely somewhat inaccurate or incomplete. A full description of master stewardship will be had once someone gives me a record of how the system works. When I receive that then I will return to this post and correct it with the full understanding.


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