Cottonwood Property Meeting at Paul’s Office

Around 1990 Paul Kingston threw many of Elden #1’s descendants out of the order who had descended from Afton Brown after a nasty fight over the property that used to be known as the Cottonwood Mall. It has since been developed.


There is a tense tone in the room. Paul states the desire to not split the family up. He wants each person in the meeting to have their heart open to the things he has to say. Lionel Brown, from his tone, is clearly perturbed by the behavior of Paul and is clarifying that he and his family members are making requests for what they feel is right. Paul responds obliquely by quoting the sixth lecture on faith stating “any religion that does not require the sacrifice of all earthly things never has power sufficient to salvation,” and continues to cite language from the 104th section of the Doctrine and Covenants stating “if ye are mine then ye are stewards.”

Paul continued to cite Form 6 as a requirement for membership in the Co-op and Ray Brown told his story of signing that Form.

Lionel stated he felt his property was consecrated and cited the Golden Rule as “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

The meeting notes cut off about halfway through for an unknown reason.


Paul’s response to Lionel was very obviously a power play by Paul to infer that Afton and her family were to give, or sacrifice, all of their property to the DCCS in order to be considered faithful.


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