Site Launch

Welcome to! This is the place to be for the conversation on community growth for those in the Bull family or genetic tree or those influenced by the Bull family in Utah.

For a quick introduction to the site see the Channel Rename video from my ThePollardBull YouTube channel, @thepollardbull.

Future topics for publications and conversations include:

  1. Creating a new value system during your transformation process.
  2. Analyzing and decomposing the philosophy of the religious tradition I grew up in, the Latter Day Church of Christ (LDCC), also known as the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ (LDCJC).
  3. Analyzing and decomposing the practices and philosophy of the economic cooperative I grew up in, the Davis County Cooperative Society (DCCS).
  4. Analyzing the philosophy and belief system I am constructing for my path forward.
  5. Providing a bridge and a path for those who may follow a similar path of transformation.
  6. Responses and analyses of current and historical events for both the DCCS and the LDCJC and the historical account, as far as I know it, that led up to the creation of the group.

This will be quite the journey.

Let’s jump in!

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