Thinking Vacation – taking the site in a different direction

ThePollardBull is going in the direction of discovery rather than controversy. My goal is to describe things as they are with up-front and acknowledged biases and perspectives. This means I need to take time to ponder and re-imagine every article from a new place.

The mission of ThePollardBull is to assist my family, my former community, the Davis County Cooperative Society, and myself to understand ourselves from a clear description of the history and the current workings of the group. This includes understanding what preceded the group including the Mormon Church, the various religious revivals in American and European history, and the origins of the belief systems.

The vision of ThePollardBull is to help my family, friends, and former community members free their minds and hearts by thinking critically, connecting with their inner divine power, and courageously confronting the truth as they discover it. This includes those whose lives have been, or are currently being impacted by, the Davis County Cooperative Society, the Latter Day Church of Christ, and the several organizations and families governing and supporting these organizations.


Simple. Bad things are happening to my family and friends and it’s my duty to speak out.

Why take vacation?

I am not well and need to heal. As is said in the recovery space, “you can’t transmit what you haven’t got.” As much as I want to join in the fray and help people out I need to help myself first. At some point I’ll know I’m healthy and ready to re-engage in this space with an effective plan. That time is not yet.

Until then I hope and pray that people have their needs met. Hang in there.

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